Fugitive Could be Hiding in Mormon Community, Warns FBI

The Federal Bureau of Investigation recently stated that they believe that a fugitive on the run since 2004 may be hiding in a part of the Mormon community.

Jason Brown, 43, and has been on the FBI's Top 10 Most Wanted fugitives list after he was accused of murdering an Arizona armored truck courier during a robbery.

Brown is suspected of shooting courier Robert Keith Palomares five times in the head at close range with a .45-caliber handgun on Nov. 29, 2004 outside a Phoenix store. Investigators said Brown fled the scene with $56,000 on a bicycle that was later recovered containing his fingerprints.

Authorities said Brown was raised in Southern California and served as a Mormon missionary in France. The FBI contends that he is using his familiarity with Mormonism to blend in to a very conservative community and could be using the good nature of the Mormon church to conceal his identity.

"With the commonness of his name and how he looks, like a surfer dude in California, we've had more tips [about this] fugitive than any other on 'America's Most Wanted.' It's caused us to chase leads all around the world," FBI agent Lance Leising told The Salt Lake City Tribune.

The former Mormon missionary is very intelligent and an expert in deception, Leising explained. He is also excellent at lying, convincing people he is another person and using his ability to blend into his surroundings- they are all reasons he's been on the Most Wanted list for so long.

Investigators stated that Brown has not been seen or heard from since the 2004 murder. Authorities are also checking to see if Brown could be linked to any other cases where clues could be used to lead to his current location.

"It took a good tip from someone who saw the photos … That's what we're hoping here," Leising told The Salt Lake Tribune.