Full Gospel Church Pastor Rebukes Claims of Ga. Minister Spreading HIV

Craig Lamar Davis Accused by Women in Atlanta Congregation of Infecting Them With Disease

Bishop Paul Sylvester Morton, lead pastor of the Full Gospel Baptist Church in Atlanta, Ga., recently clarified reports about a minister believed to be spreading HIV in his congregation.

While several media outlets reported that Craig Lamar Davis, a married minister in Atlanta, was allegedly spreading HIV to some of his mistresses who were also congregants of Full Gospel Baptist Church, Morton revealed that there was much more to the story. Morton took to Twitter to let people know that Davis was not a minister in the church, but the husband of his executive assistant.

In fact, Morton said Davis was never a member of Full Gospel Baptist.

"Someone is putting out wrong information about Full Gospel. The man mentioned has never joined my church," Morton tweeted on Wednesday. "He's not a pastor in Full Gospel. I am praying for the gentleman trying to destroy my name and Full Gospel's name. Believe me if it was a Full Gospel problem I would handle it."

The lead pastor called for people to pray for his executive assistant who is now dealing with her husband's infidelity and illness being in media headlines across the nation.

"The lady complaining had (an) affair with my executive assistant's husband, now she says he's HIV (positive)," Morton revealed. "My assistant needs prayer she's suffering most."

While several news outlets reported that Davis was arrested last month for reckless conduct after allegedly spreading the human immunodeficiency virus to several women outside of his marriage, Morton said he was no longer bothered by the story after sharing his truth on Twitter.

"What I shared with (you) Wed. was FYI (for) those who may not know me," Morton tweeted. "I said what I said and it's over. It's not bothering me don't let it bother you."