Gaddafi Dead: What Are People Saying? (PHOTO)

Libya’s dictator Muammar Gaddafi has been killed and captured by the Misrata Military Council. The news has exploded on Twitter with users expressing their emotions towards the main image of the fallen bloodied dictator and the news itself.

Jennifer O’Connell a columnist with the Sunday Business Post in Ireland tweeted that she was finding the images of the death of Gaddafi “ghoulish and disturbing.”

People also expressed being drawn to the extensive Gaddafi coverage that it affected their morning and day.

The media campaign coordinator for Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Kate Thomas tweeted, “Good lord, I could NOT seem to tear myself away from CNN’s Gaddafi coverage. Now I’m late.”

Assia Bashir Amry, the daughter of “ElHajjSabr”, who according to her Twitter bio is a revolutionary who did not get to see the liberation of Libya and was born and raised into the resistance said, “My mother is in tears. She can’t stop crying. She left Libya 38 years ago as a young bride with my father in resistance to Gaddafi.”

The picture of a blood soaked Gaddafi was shared extensively on the social networking site as dozens of users posted a link to the troubling image with comments like “this is sure to become an iconic image of Gaddafi” and others saying “what’s wrong with people needing a picture of somebody’s dead body to prove they’re dead? You don’t need that image in your mid.”

One user tweeted, “I was not prepared to see the Gaddafi death photo and now I think my breakfast is about to make a reappearance.”

Details on Gaddafi’s death will be announced later Thursday in a news conference in Misrata. According to what the council in the western city said in an e-mailed statement, its troops led to the assault on Gaddafi’s hometown of Sirte and act independently from the interim government, known as the National Transitional Council.