Gaga Wears Gun Bra During Show, Critics Outraged as Controversy Grows (PHOTO)

Lady Gaga is once again drawing the ire of those opposed to some of the popular artist's outlandish outfits and her recent getup during a show in Canada is no exception.

Lady Gaga has been captivating her "little monsters" for years with catchy tunes and her unique style, but many are questioning the artists' choice to incorporate replica guns, specifically replica assault rifles, in the wake of the tragedy in Newtown, Conn., and the national debate to impose new guns laws and regulations.

Lady Gaga has brought adoring fans to sold out venues, but some have doubts over the appropriateness of her wardrobe choice for one of her recent shows.

During a concert in at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada, on Friday, Gaga came on stage wearing a bra with two fake plastic assault rifles attached to the cups and preceded to preform her smash hit "Alejandro," but not everyone was impressed.

"In light of all this, Gaga's decision to don a gun-toting brassiere – undoubtedly with full awareness of its disturbing implications – is tasteless and inappropriate. It rubs salt in the wounds of pro- and anti-gun advocates, and much trashier, the wounds of a despondent and horrified community that just lost 20 of its children," Tom McKay, of PolicyMic, wrote in a critique.

This was not the only mishap Lady Gaga had with her ensembles for the evening. During another point in the show the "Born This Way" singer was wearing a pair of black, Versace latex pants. As she was in the middle of a complicated dance move Gaga bent over and the plants split down the center revealing the singer's behind.

Gaga however, was able to keep her composure and went on to finish the set and at one point even joked with the crowd about the incident.