Galaxy Nexus 2 Release Date Approaching? Clues Found in Retailer's Inventory (PHOTO)

The Galaxy Nexus 2 release date could be quickly approaching as the device recently showed up in a U.K. retailer's inventory.

A screenshot has now surfaced displaying the device and a new version of the Nexus 7 tablet in Carphone Warehouse's inventory system.

What shows up there is not the Galaxy Nexus 2 handset, but an invisishield accessory made for the device.

The Google Nexus 7 tablet that appears in the screen shot comes with 32GB of internal memory, which is more than the two models currently available that have 8GB and 16GB.

Google could be releasing this model in order to better compete with the new Amazon Kindle Fire HD and the next-gen Nook tablet. The company might drop the price on the 8GB and 16GB models to $99 and $149 and release this 32GB version for $199.

Neither of these devices has been confirmed by Google, so this leak should be taken with a grain of salt.

However, Samsung is expected to unveil a new, smaller smartphone in the current weeks as the Korean electronics giant sent out an invite for a media event set to take place in Berlin, Germany.

Samsung and Google teamed up around the same time last year to unveil the original Galaxy Nexus smartphone, so a new model is overdue.

Various tech sites are predicting that Samsung is going to unveil a smaller version of the Galaxy S3 in order to better compete with the new iPhone 5. But that still has not been confirmed.

If the Galaxy Nexus 2 rumors end up being true, the device will most likely debut running the latest build of Android and feature top notch specs, including a quad-core processor and HD display.