Galaxy Note 2 Release Announced for Dual-SIM Model

Samsung China announced the release of the dual-SIM Galaxy Note 2 earlier today.

This variant of the smartphone-tablet hybrid supports both a microSIM and miniSIM.

Its model number is GT-N7102 and it features a 1.6GHz quad-processor, 5.5-inch Super AMOLED HD display, and makes use of two SIM slots with GSM/HSDPA support for both.

The Galaxy Note 2 was used this year at the American Music Awards to announce the winners.

Envelopes with letters inside are normally used to read off the winners of various Awards at events like the AMA's, but this year, the announcements were a bit more technologically advanced.

Samsung appears to have pushed the marketing for the device to the next level by having famous musicians carry the Galaxy Note 2 around for a majority of the show, and this isn't the first time Samsung has used celebrities to promote it.

The Canadian Galaxy Note 2 release event, which took place in Toronto earlier this month, featured a performance from "Gangnam Style" singer PSY.

This is interesting, as Samsung employed another popular artist with a more impressive track record in the U.S. for the NYC Galaxy Note 2 event- Kanye West.

PSY's "Gangnam Style" seems to have taken the entire world by storm as it has become a hit in many countries after its music video went viral on YouTube earlier this year.

Samsung also stated in a press release that it employed PSY for the event because he, like the Galaxy Note 2, is "professional by day, fun by night."

Samsung has sold around 3 million Galaxy Note 2 units in just one month's time, according to recent reports.

The company announced this news recently and is on pace to meet J.K. Shin's original expectations. The head of Samsung's Mobile Unit had high hopes for the smartphone-tablet hybrid.

Before the official launch of the Galaxy Note 2, Shin predicted that the device would sell 20 million units after just one year. With this news of 3 million sold in just one month, the company is on pace to exceed that prediction and blow past the sales of the original model.