Galaxy Note 2 Specs Make Device Capable of Functioning Like a PC

The Galaxy Note 2's specs have made the device capable of functioning like a normal PC, it has been claimed in a recent test performed by ColdFustion.

The group released a video showing the Galaxy Note 2 hooked up to a 29-inch Samsung LED monitor using a Samsung HML adapter and an HDMI cable. The Note was also connected to an Apple wireless keyboard and mouse.

ColdFustion then ran a number of tests on the device to see if the Note 2 was capable of running like a PC.

The video showed that muli-tasking was possible, but limited in that they were only able to get up to around 4 flash videos running at the same before it started breaking down.

They were also able to run a more full-featured floating browser on the Note 2 that is more efficient than the pop-up one normally featured on the device.

ColdFustion had one test which failed when trying to make the original Note function like a PC. However, that same test, which involved copying and pasting a picture of a cat and lettuce using the Dolphin Browser, was successful when tested on the Galaxy Note 2 - due to its 2GB of RAM opposed to the 1GB found on the original.

The S Note app also expanded during the test allowing users to scribble notes that could be seen nicely on the larger monitor.

They also tested the device with PC gaming which can be seen in the video.

The full video which turns the Galaxy Note 2 into a fully functioning PC can be seen here.

The Galaxy Note 2 launched earlier this year and has already become one of Samsung's best selling products.

The smartphone-tablet hybrid is unique to the market and provides customers with an alternative to buying both a smartphone and a tablet.