Galaxy Note 3 Game Pad Release Date Announced for Phablet

Samsung announced the release of new game pad in the U.K. for the Galaxy Note 3 earlier this week.

The accessory known formally as "The Game Pad" is an exclusive Samsung product. It will connect to the Note 3 via Bluetooth 4.0 and One-Touch NFC. It features a traditional game pad layout for those who dislike touchscreen controls.

It consists of dual analog D-Pads together with 4 action buttons. There are also a few buttons at the top and the bottom features an On/Off Switch and select and start keys. The Game Pad charges with a USB port. Samsung has not unveiled any information on battery life and overall potential.

The device will be available on Dec. 19 in the U.K. and costs $130.

The Galaxy Note 3 Lite has reportedly entered into production today with expected release date for the device to be sometime in 2014.

A new report by Korean media reveals that Samsung has begun the process of manufacturing this new version of the Note and expects the device to account for 30 percent of all sales of the Galaxy Note 3 lineup.

The report also states that the display size on the handset will remain at 5.68-inches as Samsung wants to keep the benefits of the S Pen unaffected with the Lite variant. The rest of the specs are unknown at this time, however, several recent rumors point to the display being changed to an LCD unit with the camera being downgraded to 8-megapixels.

The Galaxy Note 3 Lite will be announced at this year's Mobile World Congress.

The device could launch in both black and white, however, there is not much other information available on its hardware specs at this time.