Galaxy Note 3 Release Date Set for Late 2013

The Galaxy Note 3 release date will be set for late 2013, according to a new report.

The device is rumored to feature a 6.3-inch display and will be full 1080p HD with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and 16:9 ratio. Its pixel density will be 350 ppi and it will launch towards the end of next year.

The report which revealed this information originated from Korean part suppliers, who stated that Samsung has already begun working on the Note successor just weeks after the second model of the smartphone-tablet hybrid was launched in the U.S.

These same sources also stated that this device will feature an OLED display and that Samsung has been making cuts from its LCD factory. The money gained from the cuts will be put towards the production of new OLED displays meant for these future devices.

One of these devices will be the Samsung Galaxy S4, which could be unveiled by the company as early as January. Samsung is planning something big for this year's Consumer Electronics Show, set to take place the first month of 2013.

The Korean electronics giant also released a teaser video this week that hints for an important event with a major announcement with a product that will change the world at CES. This event is set to take place on Jan. 8.

The video stated that Samsung promises to introduce "something new" and it also has other words and phrases flying around such as "innovation," "ideas," "design" and "technology."

Samsung is rumored to be introducing its new YOUM flexible OLED displays and they will already be installed on specific devices. The company is also expected to give the world a first look at the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S4.

This is just one of many rumors circulating regarding the Galaxy S4.