Galaxy Note 3 Specs: Device Will Not Feature Flexible Display

News has surfaced regard the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 specs that points to the device not featuring a flexible display.

There have been persistent rumors that state that the company will release the phablet with a bendable frame. However, that is not the case, according to YouMobile.

Samsung is currently searching for alternatives to its "encapsulation technology" because it takes too long to manufacture with their "Vitex System." The company needs to meet its sales target for the year so it is doing all it can to speed up the production process.

Samsung is also expected to improve build and design quality on the Galaxy Note 3.

The company's smartphones, such as the Galaxy S3 and previous Note models, have been criticized in the past for an unimpressive exterior design. Samsung normally uses a plastic frame, while other companies such as Apple and HTC incorporate more durable materials into their devices.

The recent release of the HTC One has reportedly sparked Samsung's interest in redesigning the Note 3's exterior, according to The handset features a stunning design that rivals the Korean giant's current flagship the Galaxy S4, which closely resembles the Galaxy S3. Samsung normally uses plastic for the exterior of its devices in order to keep production costs low. However, the popularity of Samsung's handsets has exploded in the past few years and a new design is long overdue for the Galaxy lines.

The Note 3 is said to be the first device to receive this all-out makeover. It is unclear what material will be sued to make this change as Samsung could potentially uses glass, anodized aluminum, or some other kind of metal. Samsung also could end up redesigning its tablets and other smartphones as well, which all feature similar appearances.

The Galaxy Note 3 is expected to launch towards the end of the summer.