Galaxy Note 4 vs iPhone 6 Comparison: Review of Specs, Rumors of Upcoming Features

Pretty soon, Apple and Samsung will be releasing the latest in their line of smartphones, the iPhone 6 and the Galaxy Note 4 in September. With the two company's well-known rivalry against each other, people are looking into how each fares against one another.


For one, the iPhone 6 is taking a different approach to their design, with its release getting a significant size upgrade. This will allow Apple to catch up to its competition in terms of phone and screen sizes. On the other hand, Samsung's releases only seem to get bigger and bigger each year.

The iPhone 6 will be released in two versions, a 4.7-inch version and a 5.5-inch version. For the comparison, the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 will be pitted against the similarly huge Galaxy Note 4.

The Note 4 is slightly bigger than the 5.5-inch iPhone, with its 5.7-inch screen size. The screen resolution for the iPhone 6 will be at 2272 x 1280 with a 510 pixel density. On the other hand, the Note 4 will be having a QHD 2560 x 1440 resolution screen with a pixel density of 500.

The difference is miniscule but the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 should get a sharper display than its bigger brothers.

Youtube/fileThe iPhone 6, to be released on September 2014

Screen protection will also get an upgrade with the iPhone coming with a scratch-free Sapphire crystal glass screen as well as the newly update CoreMotion API, and a barometer. With the iOS 8's release alongside the iPhone 6, the device is speculated to be included with altitude measuring capabilities.

In terms of specs, the Note 4 will be retaining its 3GB RAM from the Note 3 and will sport a Qualcomm 805 processor with a Krait 450 CPU and an Adreno 420 graphics processor.

The iPhone on the other hand still has not released too many spec details except for the fact that the next-gen iPhone will probably get the newer processor chips. The camera has also been upgraded from the 8-megapixel camera into a 13-megapixel snapper. The device is also rumored to have wireless charging.

With such high-end specs and next-generation features, these devices won't come cheap. There are no official price listings yet but the two might sell somewhere around the $800-$1000 price range.