Galaxy Note 8.0 Release Set for Next Month in UK

The Galaxy Note 8.0 will be released in the U.K. sometime next month.

The price on the device has not yet been revealed, but customers in the nation will have the opportunity to purchase the iPad Mini competitor in a few weeks, according to U.K. retailer Carphone Warehouse.

One rumored price for the Galaxy Note 8 is £371.99, according to another retailer known as Handtec.

The device was unveiled at this year's Mobile World Congress by Samsung, who revealed that the device will charge wirelessly.

The company was also expected to introduce several other tablets, but instead focused on the new Note 8, which will compete with the iPad Mini when it finally launches.

The Note 8 sports an 8-inch display with 1280 x 800 pixels resolution and 189 ppi. This is a bit higher than Apple's iPad Mini's screen, which has 163 ppi.

Other specifications on the device include a 1.6GHz quad-core A9 processor, 2GB RAM, and special features such as Smart Stay that allows the tablet to recognize if the owner is still awake. This will make it automatically go on standby once the owner falls asleep or stops using it. It is said to be seamless and very responsive.

The iPad Mini has been extremely successful for Apple, who launched the tablet towards the end of last year. It is currently outselling the full-sized iPad in markets throughout the world.

Samsung hopes to capitalize off the success of the smaller iPad by launching a direct competitor that is closer in size than the 5 and 10.1-inch versions. Samsung has enjoyed much success with the previous Note models.

The Galaxy Note 8 is expected to launch in both white and Charcoal black.