Galaxy S2 Android 4.1.2, JellyBean Update Rolled Out by T-Mobile

The Samsung Galaxy S2 Android 4.1.2, JellyBean update is now available for T-Mobile customers.

T-Mobile released its specific version that can be accessed on the Galaxy S2 when users check new on their settings and see if they received a "New Updates" available message.

The Galaxy S2 is one of few devices from 2011 that will receive Android 4.1.2, JellyBean thanks to its overwhelming popularity.

The Android 4.1, JellyBean update for the Epic 4G Touch, also known as the Galaxy S2 on Sprint, is now available for download.

The update can be accessed over-the-wire using Samsung's Simple Upgrade Tool.

JellyBean will bring many new features to the smartphone including enhanced graphic capabilities. Other new additions that come with the software include Smart Stay, which tracks eye movement to ensure the device screen is always on whole is viewed, Direct Call, which converts text message to interface to the voice call interface by raising phone to the ear, Pop Up Play, which allows users to watch video content while operating any application at the same time, and different operation modes which allow users to modify the device functions to meet their always-changing needs.

The Galaxy Express smartphone also now has the ability to update to Android 4.1.2.

The lower-end Galaxy device is currently available on AT&T in the U.S. and an international version launched in other regions running the first version of Android 4.1, JellyBean.

The update for the AT&T variant will begin rolling out last week, so owners of the smartphone should pay attention to notifications that their device receives. They also have the option to update by going to Settings, Software updates and then using the "Check for Updates" option.