Galaxy S3 Android 4.1.2, JellyBean Update Issued to Verizon Users, Corrects LTE Problem

An updated version of the Android 4.1.2, JellyBean update has been issued to Verizon customers.

The original version of the update caused some 4G LTE connectivity problems with the device and with the new one, they are being corrected. Verizon even pulled the original update around a week ago to ensure that this problem did not affect any more users.

The build number for the new version is JZ054K.I535VRBMF1, while the previous update was JZ054K.I535VRBMD3.

Verizon users are already reporting that the new update for the Galaxy S3 returns things to normal with the 4G LTE. It mostly functions a small bug fix without any other enhancements. Those facing this issue will notice the difference once the new software is installed.

The Android 4.2.2, JellyBean update for the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 is experiencing delays.

"Samsung delayed 4.2.2 for Note 2 and S3," tweeted out SamMobile yesterday. "Reason new TW for S3 and Note 2."

The site is apparently blaming the new Touch Wiz UI for the delay. This news has not been confirmed by Samsung at this time; however, SamMobile frequently reports accurate information regarding the company and its products.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 Android 4.1.2, JellyBean update finally began rolling out for AT&T users this week.

The update, which was released for the Skyrocket variant a few months back, is now available for the SGH-I777 model. This same device received Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich about one year ago.

Galaxy S2 users can update their devices using Samsung KIES software. The update will bump the smartphone's software up to the Android 4.1.2, JellyBean build. It will bring some new features to the Galaxy S2 including Google Now, updated notifications and improved performance.