Galaxy S3 to Be Released in Purple on Sprint

The Samsung Galaxy S3 could be released in purple on Sprint as early as next month.

A leaked document surfaced on the internet this week and reveals the company's plans to carry a 16GB Purple version of the Samsung flagship smartphone. The Galaxy S4 will be unveiled later on this month; however, the Galaxy S3 is still a really impressive device sporting some powerful specifications.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was awarded as the best smartphone by the GSM Association at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The Google Nexus 7 won for best tablet, and the best feature phone award went to the Nokia Asha 305, which comes with a dual-SIM package at an attractive price.

The Galaxy S3 also outsold its greatest competitor in the U.S., the iPhone 5, during 2012.

Strategy Analytics published a report which showed that Samsung accounted for 31.8 percent of smartphone sales in the U.S., beating out Apple, who accounted for 26.2 percent.

This data was compiled using the total smartphone sales of both companies that includes all iPhone models and Samsung handsets.

Apple as a U.S. California-based company performs the best in its home nation. Despite the popularity of Samsung's Galaxy S line in other nations, Apple still manages to beat it out once it launches a new flagship device in the U.S.

Samsung hopes to have the same success with the Galaxy S4 this year as the company has announced its unveiling for March 14.

Samsung sent out invitations to the event last month that read "come and meet the next Galaxy," and also uses a numerical "4" in place of the word "four" where it says "ready 4 the show," further hinting at a Galaxy S4 unveiling for this date.