Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 5: Android Handset Sells Better in UK

In the Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 5 war, the Android device has secured another battle in the U.K., where it is still the best selling smartphone.

According to a ranking created by the U.K. retailer known as uSwitch, the highest selling smartphone in the nation is still the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The ranking was compiled using data from live searches, pre-orders and monthly sales and features the top 10 selling smartphones in the U.K.

The iPhone 5 not only lost to the Samsung Galaxy S3, but also sold less units than its predecessor the iPhone 4S. The Galaxy S3's predecessor, the Galaxy S2 came in fourth in the rankings, selling slightly less than Apple's iPhone 5.

The list showed the top 10 selling smartphones in the U.K.

The newly released Nexus 4 was no. 5 on the list, followed by the Samsung Galaxy Ace at no. 6, the Galaxy Note 2 at no. 7, the Galaxy Ace 2 at no. 8, Sony Xperia U at no. 9, and the HTC One X at 10.

The iPhone 5 fared a lot better in its home country, the U.S.

The handset is not only the highest selling in the nation, but allowed Apple's iOS to capture to most market share in the U.S. after losing it to Google's Android previously.

The data for this report was compiled by the research firm Kantar Worldpanel Comtech and was published by Reuters in an article.

It shows that iOS now accounts for 48.1 percent of the U.S. smartphone market, ranking it slightly higher than Android, which controls 46.7 percent.

The last time Apple was able to control the most market share in the U.S. was when the iPhone 4S launched in 2011. The iPhone 5's release helped Apple to do it once again. Unfortunately, it was not enough to beat out the S3 in the U.K.