Galaxy S4 Features: Leaked Videos Show Smart Pause and Floating Touch

The Galaxy S4 features have been debated by various tech outlets, but now it seems that some of them have been officially confirmed in new videos.

Sammyhub, a site known for all things Samsung, released four new videos which show the Galaxy S4 just hours before its official unveiling performing rumored features such as Smart Pause, Floating Touch, Internet Browsing, and they even show off its new Unlock Screen.

The Galaxy S4 will debut at the company's Mobile "Unpacked" event in Radio City Music Hall tonight and will launch with two different processors, according to a Bloomberg report.

The publication claims that Samsung will release the U.S. variant of the Galaxy S4 with a quad-core chip manufactured by Qualcomm and will launch the international version with its new Exynos 5 Octa-core processor.

Samsung used this same strategy last year with the Galaxy S3, releasing the U.S. version with a dual-core chip and the international version with a quad-core processor. Samsung prefers to use Qualcomm chips for the U.S. version because of their built-in LTE features.

Bloomberg also reported on some other specifications, stating that the device will feature the rumored 13-megapixel camera and 5-inch display.

The Galaxy S4's camera is also rumored to feature 3D support.

Based on some of the various patents Samsung has filed recently, the company could have 3D support on the camera that will be featured on the Galaxy S4.

The company also hopes to excited fans at this week's unveiling with a new feature called "eye scroll," which basically tracks a user's eye with the front camera. While tracking the user's eye, the device will scroll up or down on a page based on where the person is looking. The device will also pause a video once the user looks away from its screen.