Galaxy S4 NFC TecTiles to Hit the Market Soon

NFC TecTiles made for the Samsung Galaxy S4 are expected to hit the market soon.

The company currently offers the accessory for the Galaxy S3 and is expected to launch an updated version known as the TecTile 2 in the very near future, according to a report from YouMobile.

The version available for the Galaxy S3 is not compatible with the company's new flagship device. Samsung's updated version will work with the Galaxy S4 and other devices recently released by the company.

These programmable NFC tags can elevate the phones' performance by utilizing the NFC function.

The TecTiles can be programmed to set off a predefined function or setting in the Samsung smartphone. This includes adjusting phone settings, joining a Wi-Fi network, making a call, sending a text, opening a web page and updating a social network status.

The tiles look like a sticker and in order to be activated, a user must tap them with the NFC-powered device. The current Samsung TecTiles are compatible with most NFC-enabled Android smartphones. They can be purchased through various major U.S. carriers including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile, and the going price is $14.99 for a pack of five.

Samsung already introduced a slew of new accessories for the Galaxy S4 which includes the S Band and the S View Cover.

The S Band is a stylish wristband that tracks the user's steps, calories, distance and sleep quality. It performs these tasks with the updated S Health 2.0 app found on the Galaxy S4.

The S View Cover is a cover that allows users to see all incoming information through a small window located towards the top. It also allows them to answer calls with a cutout at the earpiece.