Galaxy S4 Root Instructions: Find Out How to Unlock Everything on Android 4.4.2

New Galaxy S4 root instructions are now available for those who have updated their software to Android 4.4.2.

Those running the latest firmware can follow these simple steps to unlock everything on their phone.

Requirements for rooting the Galaxy S4 with Android 4.4.2 include the device running firmware I9505XXUFNA1, Chainfire's CF Auto-Root package with SuperSU fix which can be downloaded here, Samsung KIES, USB debugging mode being enabled, Odin3 flashing software, and at least 80 percent of battery life remaining on device.

Those attempting to root the handset should have all of their data backed up.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3 have received significant price drops in anticipation for the launch of the new Galaxy S5.

Users looking to get their hands on a top notch handset can pick up a Galaxy S4 for much cheaper than its original price in the U.K. The native carrier Vodafone is offering the S4 for £330 instead of its normal £475 tag. In similar fashion the Galaxy S3 will go down to £119 from its regular £170 price.

The price cuts will only be available in Vodafone brand shops and will run until Monday, March 31.

The Galaxy S5 will see an official release on April 11.

The handset will replace the S4 as Samsung's current flagship device and features what the company deems a "glam" design with a perforated back plate that shines in different lighting conditions. It will have full LTE coverage, Wi-Fi MIMO 802.11 to cut down buffering, and a download booster that will allow users to download 1GB worth of media in 30 seconds.

Samsung has also drastically improved the battery that now provides users with 10 hours of web surfing, 12 hours of video playback and offers a new Ultra Power Saving mode. This new mode can grant the user another 24 hours' worth of power if their phone is at 10 percent. It does this by only keeping necessary functions on and turning the screen to black and white.