Galaxy S4 Rumors: Samsung Hopes to Sell 10 Million Per Month

The newest Galaxy S4 rumor states that Samsung plans to sell 10 million units of the smartphone a month once it is released.

A South Korean publication called Money Today reported the company's plans this week. The publication claims it obtained its information directly from Samsung and also reported that the company has already hired subcontractors to produce about 10 million Galaxy S4 models per month.

The publication did not specify how long Samsung was going to do this for.

Samsung is reportedly working on differentiating the Galaxy S4's display from competitors such as Sony and HTC who have released devices with 1080p resolution.

The company is currently working to make the pixel density on the Galaxy S4's display higher than 440 ppi by experimenting with hexagonal and diamond shaped pixels. These types of pixels could help the company to surpass that 440 mark.

This enlargement of pixels is made possible by laser-induced thermal imaging. The technology allows a place for sub-pixels and is relatively cheap to use.

The company ran into some problems with the technology at first, but now has corrected the issues and is ready to implement it into its next flagship smartphone, according to YouMobile. Using the technology on the Galaxy S4 will make Samsung the first company to have it on a device.

The Galaxy S4 release date is expected to be in April and the device will be unveiled in March.

The device will be introduced to the public at a March "Unpacked" event in the U.S., according to a Korean newspaper.

The paper's source also revealed some new information about the Galaxy S4, stating that it will be released in both black and white and feature wireless charging capabilities. Samsung will sell a wireless charging kit for the device once it is released later this year.