Galaxy S4 Rumors: Samsung Plans to Sell 100 Million Units

Samsung is planning to sell 100 million units of the Galaxy S4 smartphone.

Samsung's declaration was reported by several analysts who feel that this plan will hurt Apple significantly as many of the company's components that would normally be used for iPhones will now have to be used on Galaxy devices. This could shrink Apple's yield overall.

Recent research written by Jeffries analyst Peter Misek reveals that some suppliers already think that Samsung will use up resources intended for the production of Apple devices.

Apple is already having a hard time building the larger display for the iPhone 6, and this move by Samsung could potentially delay the smartphone's launch.

Samsung could also be launching a mini version of the Galaxy S4 once the bigger version is officially released, which will use up even more parts.

Tech sites are already speculating that the company will use the same strategy it did last year with the Galaxy S3 by releasing a smaller version to compete with customers who are still looking for a device that was around the same size as the iPhone.

Motorola also used this strategy by releasing the Droid Razr M. This device functioned as a smaller version of the Droid Razr HD. Smartphone users often complain over Android handsets being too big to carry around conveniently, so meeting this need allowed both companies to sell more units.

However, the Galaxy S3 Mini disappointed many of those who purchased it due to its lack of capabilities. The specifications were significantly less impressive than those found on its big brother.

There have been no official confirmations of the Galaxy S4 Mini's existence except for Samsung's secret Project J Mini, which could end up being the smartphone.

In order to boost sales of the Galaxy S3 Mini, Samsung recently began shipping the device with Android 4.1.2, JellyBean pre-installed.

The company began offering the device with the new software pre-installed in Asia, Indonesia, Vietnam, with more regions coming soon.