Galaxy S4 Specs: Device Features Similar Design to Galaxy Note 2

Leaked pictures of the Samsung Galaxy S4 surfaced earlier today.

Judging from these images, the device will bear a striking resemblance to the Galaxy Note 2, which was released towards the end of last year. The pictures were leaked by a well known Chinese forum known as Sammyhub. They do not appear to be photoshopped, but they could just be another prototype model that Samsung might have been testing at some point. Samsung also did this with the Galaxy S3.

Specifications on the device in the picture are also much more impressive than what is found in the Galaxy Note 2. This device boasts a Full HD 1080p display, a 1.8GHz processor, 2GB RAM, a 13-megapixel rear camera, and runs Android 4.2.1.

The Galaxy S4 hardware specs might not be the selling point of the smartphone when it makes its debut later this week.

Special features seem to be what Samsung hopes will differentiate the new device from competitors who can match their processor. SamMobile recently revealed another one of these features that will be included on the Galaxy S4.

The first is called Floating Touch and it allows users to use their fingers to hover and view photos inside a folder of an album. This will be similar to what the S Pen can do on the Galaxy Note 2. Sony has had a similar feature on the Xperia.

The Galaxy S4 will also come with a new feature called "Eye Scrolling."

The New York Times reported this Wednesday, confirming that Samsung filed a trademark in Europe under the name "Eye Scroll."

An anonymous Samsung employee informed the Times of some details concerning the feature and how it will work. "Eye Scroll" will track the user's eyes to determine where to scroll by following their direction. Users reading articles on their device will not have to use their finger to scroll down.