Galaxy S5 Price Drops for AT&T and Sprint Customers, Find Out Where to Buy

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will receive a bit of a price drop for Amazon buyers.

The online retailer will offer the handset for $189 with a new agreement from Sprint or AT&T. While this is not much of a discount from going directly through the carriers, saving any money on this device is not a bad thing.

AT&T and Sprint will offer the Galaxy S5 on contract for $199 brand new.

The Galaxy S5 will see an official release on April 11.

The handset will replace the S4 as Samsung's current flagship device and features what the company deems a "glam" design with a perforated back plate that shines in different lighting conditions. It will have full LTE coverage, Wi-Fi MIMO 802.11 to cut down buffering, and a download booster that will allow users to download 1GB worth of media in 30 seconds.

Samsung has also drastically improved the battery that now provides users with 10 hours of web surfing, 12 hours of video playback and offers a new Ultra Power Saving mode. This new mode can grant the user another 24 hours' worth of power if their phone is at 10 percent. It does this by only keeping necessary functions on and turning the screen to black and white.

Samsung also decided to install a fingerprint swipe feature that users can utilize for authorizing payments. It can unlock a special private mode which secures all important documents, settings and files.

The Galaxy S5 camera comes with a 0.3 second autofocus which is the fastest on the market, according to Samsung. It features select focus, which allows the photographer to decide what in their image will be in and out of focus, and its new HDR mode controls light exposure the moment they focus on something.