Galaxy S5 Rumors: Device to Feature a Redesigned Metal Frame

The latest Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors point to the company using a metal chassic to create the device's exterior.

The next-gen smartphone will enter into production this year and will come with a redesigned look that is more on par with the HTC One and iPhone 5, according to a new report from ETNews. The site also stated that a sample of the chassis has been created in Europe and sent to Vietnam where this component is scheduled to be mass-produced.

ET News highlights that Samsung is "approaching the project with caution" and that the company plans to do a lot of pre-production testing to avoid any issues faced by devices using fully metal bodies, such as radio interference.

The Galaxy S4 was also rumored to feature a metal body before its official release, however; it ended up launching with a plastic casing similar to what was found on the Galaxy S3.

Fans of Samsung have complained over the lack innovation when it comes to the exterior design and materials used for its flagship devices. Companies such as Apple and HTC have eclipsed Samsung in that department by providing customers with smartphones made from metal and glass.

A metal body could change the feel and accessibility of a Galaxy device. For example, devices that feature that type of unibody design do not allow for removable batteries. But the overall look should greatly improve.

It is still too early to really give any credibility to some of these recent rumors. The Galaxy S4 has been out for about three months and still has a lot of shelf life left before Samsung has to release a new model.

With the arrival of the next-gen iPhone, more Galaxy S5 rumors should pop up, as Samsung will attempt to one-up their greatest competitor with the arrival of its next flagship.