Galaxy S5 Rumors: Device to Feature Curved Display With No Home Button

The Galaxy S5 rumors are just beginning to start as a new report confirms that Samsung filed new patents for a smartphone with a curved display.

Samsung also tried to patent some other design points which can be seen in the pictures that came with them. One of devices eliminated the home button, which shows that Samsung could be getting rid of this component in the future.

The second photo displays a smartphone with Samsung's flexible OLED panel. These patents could all potentially be used to create the Samsung Galaxy S5, which will launch sometime next year.

Samsung is not the only company with OLED technology as LG will use it for its display on a new curved television.

Samsung would have to make some drastic changes in order to separate the Galaxy S5 from the rest of the smartphones on the market, and a curved display could be a unique feature that will entice buyers.

Other possible specifications to put the Galaxy S5 ahead of the pack include 3D capabilities and water- and dust- proof body. Samsung is rumored to be releasing a version of the Galaxy S4 that is dust-resistant. The company might skip making several different models next go round and just make the device water resistant from the onset.

Samsung could also give its device a 3D display, allowing users to view content in a way they would only be able to on a special television or at the movie theater. The Galaxy S5 could end up running Samsung's Tizen OS once it makes its official debut, however, that might be a misstep for the company as most of its long-term customers are happy with the flagship handset running Android.

The Galaxy S5 should debut in the Spring of next year.