Galaxy S5 Rumors: Fingerprint Sensor Built Into Home Button

The new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone will feature a fingerprint sensor that comes built-in to the home button.

A new report from Sam Mobile claims that the scanner will be integrated into the physical home button making it similar to the iPhone 5s. This contradicts other recent rumors that point to Samsung eliminating physical buttons altogether.

The reader in the S5 will require users to swipe their finger across the sensor making it a bit different from the iPhone 5s. It is said to be a more accurate way to acquire the print.

This fingerprint reader will be a bit harder to use, but will have the ability to utilize eight different prints at one time. This means each print could be used to conduct different actions such as unlocking the phone or making special shortcuts for up to seven other fingers.

Samsung will also introduce "Private" mode on the S5 which is a place to store certain files and apps that users don't want others to see or access. They will be able to unlock private mode by entering a PIN or swiping their fingers.

Samsung has not yet confirmed the fingerprint reader for the Galaxy S5 so all of this information should be taken with a grain of salt.

The new flagship is expected to debut next week at Samsung's "Unpacked" event scheduled to take place in Barcelona, Spain during this year's Mobile World Congress.

Other rumored features for the Galaxy S5 include an all metal exterior, a qHD display, and a redesigned version of TouchWiz that is similar to HTC's Blinkfeed. It is also said to pack a 16-megapixel rear shooter and an overall back to the basics appeal.

It will most likely be unveiled next week and ship during the spring.