Galaxy S5 Rumors: Samsung to Create Flagship With Aluminum Body

The Galaxy S5 rumors have finally begun, as Samsung is now expected to use an aluminum body on its next-gen flagship smartphone.

The company will abandon its plastic design and take this handset in a new direction, which is being called Design 3.0, according to a report from Android Geeks. Samsung will follow suit with other smartphone companies who attempted to improve the exterior design of their handsets, including HTC with the One and Sony with the Xperia Z.

The company hopes this will help it capture even more of its main rival Apple's market share. Android Geeks claims to have heard the rumor from a trusted source close to the South Korean phone maker.

An aluminum body will eliminate the removable battery currently found on the Galaxy S line. It will also make manufacturing the device a bit more expensive. The Galaxy Note line will also adopt this new design as it always closely resembles the Galaxy S.

The Note 3 is said to be the first device to receive this all-out makeover.

The release of the HTC One sparked Samsung's interest in redesigning the Note 3's exterior, according to The handset features a stunning design that rivals the Korean giant's current flagship, the Galaxy S4, which closely resembles the Galaxy S3.

Samsung normally uses plastic for the exterior of its devices in order to keep production costs low. However, the popularity of Samsung's handsets has exploded in the past few years and a new design is long overdue for the Galaxy lines.

One of these devices happens to be the Samsung Nexus 10, which functions as a 4th-generation iPad competitor. The tablet is extremely fast and features a display with an impressive resolution. However, its main downfall is that it just doesn't look that good. Its exterior is bulky and made from plastic and other materials. It is simplay no match for the iPad's sleek and trendy design.