Galaxy S5 Specs: Display Guru Touts Smartphone's Screen as Best on the Market

The Samsung Galaxy S5 specs include one of the finest smartphone displays to ever hit the market, according to a guru in the field.

Raymond Soneira, the head of DisplayMate Inc., recently analyzed the screen found on the latest Samsung flagship and through his research found that there is more of a difference between the S4 and the S5 than most would assume.

Soneira feels that the Galaxy S5 display is the best one DisplayMate has ever tested and that the S5 is a marked improvement over the S4 in almost every aspect. He also claims it is better than the Note 3, which is another handset he praised for its screen.

His report states that the S5 has the Highest Brightness, Lowest Reflectance, Highest Contrast Rating in Ambient Light and Highest Color Accuracy. Color Accuracy has been a known weakness for Super AMOLED screens, however, in Cinema Mode the S5 features the most accurate colors of any smartphone or tablet that DisplayMate measured.

It is 22 percent brighter than the S4 while using the same amount of power and its screen is 27 percent more efficient than the S4. This should improve battery life overall. It is also brighter than the Note 3. The GS5 can output 698 cd/m2, which is six percent better than the company's phablet. This will make the screen visible even in direct sunlight.

Soneira concluded his report by stating that AMOLED on the Galaxy S5 is on par or better than LCD in nearly every aspect. This marks a huge advancement in the technology, which started off as inferior in terms of providing users with a power efficient device that also had quality picture.

The Galaxy S5 will be available in most markets by April 11.