Galaxy S5 Vs. HTC One: Can Samsung Beat the Best of 2013?

The HTC One was arguably the best Android smartphone of 2013 and with the Galaxy S5 now out of the bag, it only makes sense to compare them to one another.

HTC seemed to get it right where Samsung missed the ball last year. The company focused on exterior design and efficiency instead of crowding the device with unnecessary features. Samsung seems to have taken a few pointers from HTC this time around as it used this strategy with the Galaxy S5 by improving on the simple stuff. But did it do the job correctly? Here is a spec and feature comparison on the two handsets.


The HTC One features an all-metal aluminum body with two off screen buttons and an all-black bezel around the screen. This gives it a classy appearance making it on par with the iPhone 5s. The Galaxy S5 has a new "glam" look with its shiny perforated backing and still keeps its physical home button at the front. Samsung made attempt to improve on a design that consumers weren't crazy about and did an ok job while HTC hit a home run in 2013. If the company follows suit with the all new model, they will retain this title for best design.


The HTC One has a 4.7-inch LCD display with 1920 x 1080 resolution. The Galaxy S5 features a 5.1-inch Super AMOLED display with the same resolution. In a side by side comparison the HTC One looked much better than the Galaxy S4 and it doesn't seem like Samsung really did much with the screen here except make it bigger. HTC would also take it in this area.


The Galaxy S5 comes with one of the most advanced cameras on the market with its 16-megapixel rear shooter. It also has some innovative new features such as High Dynamic Range, Selective Focus and the fastest autofocus on the market. The HTC One has a 4-ultrapixel shooter which also packs a fair amount of goodies in terms of options for picture taking. Both devices strived in this area, but Samsung will take this category based on a bit more innovation.


The HTC One with Beats Audio has what are arguably the best speakers in the smartphone market. The device can be turned into a mini boom box at any time. The Galaxy S5 has some nifty extras including the Heart Rate Monitor for fitness and a fingerprint sensor. The fitness components are interesting and help for a good workout. The Beats Audio speakers with BoomSound also are great for exercise. I'd say both devices are dead even here.


The HTC One was an all-around better device that the Galaxy S5's predecessor. And without much effective innovation on the Galaxy S5's part, it is safe to say that the One will be able to hold its own against Samsung's new flagship. In certain departments the newer phone outclasses the One, but HTC's design and efficiency make it a more impactful device.