Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Tablet Release Date Announced for Nov. 10

The Galaxy Tab 3 Kids tablet release date was finally confirmed by Samsung earlier this week. The company will officially launch the tablet on Nov. 10 and will offer it at a price of $229.99 just in time for the holidays.

The tablet is basically the same as the Galaxy Tab 7.0 in terms of specs, however, it features a different exterior design that is aimed more towards children. It will also come with some kid friendly software.

The device will feature "kid's mode" that has its own UI making it easier to use for kids and keeps them from changing important settings or accessing content that they should not be able get to. It also comes with many pre-loaded games such as Fruit Ninja, Where's My Perry, Kids Planet Discovery and more.

One of the main features on the Galaxy Tab 3 Kids is its parental controls that allow parents to prevent kids from being on certain types of websites that are deemed inappropriate. A timer will also be available that will lock the device after a user-defined period of time.

The tablet is not hindered by its child friendly UI as older users will have the ability to switch back to regular TouchWiz UI and have access to what they would use on the regular Tab 3 7.0.

The tablet comes with a lot more than just the device itself. Purchasing it will also get customers with $10 Google Play credit, 3 months of Hulu Plus, 12-months of Boingo Mobile Wi-Fi, and 50GB of Dropbox storage.

At $229, this is a pretty good value for parents looking to purchase a high-tech gift for their kids during Christmas time.