Wednesday, November 09, 2011
Gallup Poll Church Attendance: Republicans Attend More Services Than Democrats

Gallup Poll Church Attendance: Republicans Attend More Services Than Democrats

A new Gallup poll shows how people, in an identified political party, feel about not only attending church but also how often they actually attend regular Sunday service.

The poll shows that 40 percent of Republicans say they attend church weekly. While 21 percent say they attend nearly weekly or monthly, and 38 percent say they rarely go to church.

Meanwhile of their political counterparts polled, only 27 percent of Democrats who say they go to church every week, 20 percent say they go monthly and 52 percent of Democrats say they seldom or never go to church.

The survey also shows that Democrats tend to be less religious and less likely to identify with a particular religious denomination than the average American. While Republicans tend to be more outspoken concerning their religion and their faith.

Almost one in five Democrats identify with no religious faith compared to only one in 10 Republicans who feel that way. This might explain why religion usually seems to play a more prominent role when it comes to Republicans spreading their message to their political base more so during primaries.

When it comes to catering to one constituency, a GOP frontrunner knows all too well how to get voters in his corner and how to make them feel comfortable with their choice.

Texas Governor, Rick Perry, held a major prayer session in Houston before he announced his candidacy. Perry has also been known to pray for President Barack Obama. In April, the Texas governor designated a three-day period as "days of prayer for rain" in his drought-stricken state.

In Michele Bachmann’s campaign her faith also plays a huge role. While giving a speech on economics this past Tuesday, Bachmann suggested the United States return to its Judeo-Christian roots to bring back economic responsibility, "Cry out to holy God. It's not too late. He can save us."

As for Mitt Romney class is still out when it comes to how voters feel about a Mormon President and Mormonism in general.


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