Game Developer Hexify Launches Christian Games Studio

Hexify, the game development company that created the Facebook game "Journey of Moses," is launching a new game studio focused on Christian games.

The new studio, Lightside Games, will continue to develop Facebook games that feature these aspects: fun gameplay, quality graphics, great music and the newest Facebook social features. Plans for future titles include games that focus on both New and Old Testament stories and themes. Facebook users will not have to worry about paying to experience the game since it will be free to play.

Users will be able to purchase goods within each game that comes from the studio. This method is said to help enhance their gaming experience.

Brent Dusing, Ccairman and CEO of Hexify and Lightside Studio Head, spoke about the new studio's purpose in a press release statement. "Lightside Games' core mission is to create high-quality, engaging Christian social games by leveraging the world's biggest technology platforms to reach game players all over the globe," he said.

"Authenticity is core to what we do at Lightside," he continued. "Stories and themes from the Holy Bible are the foundation of our games. We strive to remain true to God's message. There are all types of games online – games about monsters, zombies, mafias and farms. At Lightside, we make games about the Bible. We transform the Biblical stories that many of us hold dear into fun, entertaining and uplifting games."

Hexify Games is most notable for its Facebook game "Journey of Moses," which launched in August 2011. This release lets player's experience the spiritually uplifting journey of notable Bible figure, Moses.

Other games that have been produced by Hexify Games includes two other titles: "Legend Hunter and the Three Pyramids" and "Treasure Legend."

Hexify's website offers an explanation of why the company has its name: "We’re gamers. We love video games and board games too. One of the favorite games of the Hexify team is Settlers of Catan. Some of us have spent entire three-day weekends throwing down on Settlers. As a tip of the cap to such a fun and spectacularly designed game, we named our company after the shape of the pieces of the board."

The footage below showcases "Journey of Moses.”

The next video features an explanation from CEO Brent Dusing about the game: