'Game of Thrones' Season 4 Spoilers: New Characters Introduced

With "Game of Thrones" fans beginning to recover from the shock of the season three finale, it seems like the ideal time to delve into some predictions and spoilers for season four.

The "Game of Thrones" fourth season is most likely going to be heavily based on "A Storm of Swords," and "A Feast for Crows," which are the third and fourth books, respectively, in the series penned by George R. R. Martin.

But, using the example of the first three seasons, it's fair to assume season four will not simply retell the stories, plotlines and action of the books. Elements of the books will most likely be reordered, altered, added and subtracted.

To gain some clues as to what season four has in store, just look to the casting and auditions being held by HBO. The cable network is holding auditions for the roles of Styr, Magnar of Thenn, Mace Tyrell, and Oberyn Martell, according to SpoilerTV.com.

The site believes there is a lot to read into those auditions.

"Anecdotal hints at Ellaria Sand also being cast! … combine that with Overyn, and Mace being cast and it looks like D&D are not cutting large sections of the books to complete the series fast as some suspected," they speculated. Perhaps this upcoming season will be more true to the books than the preceeding seasons.

Filming for the fourth season of the popular HBO drama will beginning next month.

"Principal photography starts in July," Donna Hughes, wardrobe supervisor, said at a Northern Ireland panel discussion, according to RadioTime.com