'GAMERS!' Episode 6 Spoilers: Keita's Love Story to Get Even More Complicated?

GAMERS! Official SiteA screenshot of Keita Amano and Chiaki Hoshinomori from the Japanese romance-comedy anime series, "GAMERS!"

All Tasuku ever wants is to help his buddy, Keita, win the girl. But it seems that every effort he takes always ends up in a much deeper misunderstanding among the core characters of the Japanese romance-comedy anime series, "GAMERS!"

Everybody has the wrong idea about everybody else, and Tasuku's newly established after-school Gamers Meet-up is doing nothing at all to improve the situation. If anything, it's only making matters worse. As it stands right now, Karen thinks Keita and Aguri are in a relationship, Keita thinks Karen is in-love with Tasuku, Aguri believes Tasuku is hitting on Chiaki, and Chiaki now suspects Keita and Tasuku are in a secret affair with each other.

It's a confusing web of misunderstandings that will only get even more tangled up as the series progresses. Will the confusion ever be cleared up? Will Tasuku's Gamers Meet-up eventually work the way he has intended to? And will any of them ever get the courage to actually say how they truly feel for and to the right person?

Even the fans are starting to wonder if they have perhaps misjudged the series' theme; that, "GAMERS!" could perhaps refer to a different kind of playing field than video games. Although the characters do talk about video games, the tangled love affairs and misunderstandings seem to be at the center of it all.

Aguri is determined to fight to keep her relationship with Tasuku. But this, too, may soon fall into question, especially where Tasuku is concerned, when Aguri starts spending time with Keita in order to help the latter gain the courage to finally confess to Karen.

Then again, will Keita still feel the same for the school idol when he finds out that the Mono he has been playing with on social media and the Nobe whose freeware games he has been supporting passionately are one and the same? Both of these are Chiaki's online identities, as revealed in this week's episode.

When Aguri said, "You don't do love. You fall in love," could she have been foreshadowing an upcoming complication in Keita's love story?

Which girl will eventually win his heart — the one he thinks he likes, or the stranger online that he probably already loves?

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