Gangam Style Infects Wolverine: Psy and Hugh Jackman Add Blades to Dance (PHOTO)

The infamous "Gangam Style" dance recently made its way to Hollywood, taking "Wolvierine" star Hugh Jackman under its influence.

Korean pop sensation Psy has made his mark on the map after developing a creative video that involves ridiculous dance moves paired with a strikingly catchy tune. An entire Navy ship agreed to participate in a "Gangam Style" spoof and people have literally lost their jobs over making them. But it would appear that Psy's mission is not yet complete.

He most recently hit up Hollywood, going after Marvel's own Wolverine. The Marvel character, played by Hugh Jackman, received a personal lesson for Psy on how to achieve his most famous moves. Afterwards, Psy took to Twitter, posting a picture of the two doing Gangam "Wolverine Style."

Both men are seen in the midst of a giddy up move, donning Wolverine's metal blades.

"Had a great time with Hugh Jackman!!! Lol," Psy wrote on Twitter.

Jackman was also keen on sharing the experience.

"Slicing gangnam style!!!! Great to meet @psy_oppa who visited set yesterday," Jackman wrote on his own Twitter.

But others who found that Gangam dance funny enough to do a spoof have not been as lucky. A team of lifeguards in California are still teeming to get their jobs back after they were fired following a spoof of the dance that went viral on You Tube.

The 14 lifeguards were from a city pool in El Monte, South Carolina. All of them were fired after making a video spoof using the song "Gangam Style," which has garnered mass Internet fame.

A public petition to have their jobs reinstated began after some of the guards claimed that it was not their choice to make the video.

"We're doing this because not everyone willing participated in the video and those who didn't actively participate were also fired," Micheal Roa said in a second YouTube video in support of the petition.

Mayor Andre Quintero recommended that the city rehire the guards pending a review of the Aquatic Center's management and policies and procedures, according to The San Gabriel Valley Tribune. Council members approved the decision in 3-2 vote. His recommendation was accepted earlier this month.