Gary Johnson First National Ad: Could Libertarian Cost Romney the Election? (VIDEO)

Barck Obama, Mitt Romney, and Gary Johnson. That last name may seem a bit unfamiliar, but Johnson hopes to change that with his first national ad that ran Friday.

The liberal party has elected former New Mexico Gov. Gary E. Johnson as their presidential candidate. Like Romney, Johnson is a businessman who was slated as a Republican during his time as governor from 1995 to 2003. Johnson initially attempted to run for president on the Republican platform, with an emphasis on liberal views, but withdrew his candidacy after failing to gain popularity.

Johnson however, has continued to run on a strictly liberal platform. He was the liberal nomination in May of 2012, along with his vice, Judge James P. Gray of California.

On Friday Johnson ran his first and only national ad, titled, "Cast a Vote for Peace." In it, Johnson advertises himself as "the only candidate that does not want to bomb Iran." The ad appears to be a direct attempt to address suggestions made by his opponent, Republican Barry Goldwater, who has discussed the possibility of using atomic weapons in Vietnam.

The ad also touches on a famous 1964 ad by Lyndon B. Johnson, which shows a little girl counting flower petals when an ominous cloud looms over her.

"Live Free," Johnson says in the ad. "Be a libertarian with me for one election."

Johnson has become a concern for the Republican campaign, which fears that his presence on the ballot in swing states could be enough to cost Romney the election.

In a Zogby poll, Romney led Obama 45.1 percent to 44.5 percent. But when Johnson was added as an option, Obama led Romney 45.5 percent to 45 percent.