Gator Attacks 6-Year-Old: Boy Survives Alligator Attack - 'It's a Miracle,' Says Mom (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Screen Shot)Joey Walsh, 6, describes how the alligator jumped up and grabbed his arm in an alligator attack in Florida.

A gator has attacked a 6-year-old boy in South Florida, shocking the local community. The young boy amazingly managed to escape with just minor injuries, and his mom has testified that it is a "miracle" and that an angel must have been looking out for him.

"Why my son has an arm today, why he doesn't have puncture marks - it's a miracle," the mom of the young boy has testified to reporters.

Joey Walsh and his father were reportedly getting ready for a canoe trip at the Loxahatchee Wildlife Refuge in Boynton Beach, Florida. Joey was excited about the trip and he walked up to the water to get a closer look. However, suddenly an alligator jumped up onto the shore and grabbed Joey's arm in its mouth, sparking screams and frantic calls for help from the young boy.

Joey reportedly tried to pull his arm back from the alligator, but it had a strong grip on him, and his father and another unidentified man quickly rushed to his aid. They reportedly did not want to pull the alligator and the boy apart, afraid that it could rip the boy's arm off and cause him more harm, so they physically went about attacking the alligator.

Joey's father later described how he went about punching the alligator in the head with all his strength, and the unidentified man repeatedly kicked the eight foot long beast to try and get it to let the young boy go.

The tactic worked and the alligator suddenly dropped the boy's arm and retreated back into the water. The men grabbed Joel and rushed him to a local hospital to get him medical treatment for his injuries. He is reported to have suffered just minor injuries and will fully recover from the ordeal thanks to the quick thinking of his dad and the other man.

The two men did exactly the right thing in the attack, and experts from the University of Florida, Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center have recommended in the case of an alligator attack, it is best to start hitting the animal rather than trying to grab it and pull it off the victim.

Apparently experts understand that alligators are only interested in attacking people to get a meal, and have no interest in a fight. Victims and helpers in alligator attacks are advised to fight back and hit the alligator, especially in the eye area.

Other advice also indicates that after getting an initial bite on their victims, alligators tend to open their jaws to readjust their grip, giving victims a slight window within which they might be able to free themselves and escape.

People visiting alligator infested waters are advised to stay back from the water, and especially during alligator mating season they are known to be even more aggressive.

Here is a video news report into the incident: