Gay Advocacy Group Using Taxpayer Money to 'Suppress' Opposition, Says UK Christian Leader

The director of the SOLAS Center for Public Christianity, a Scottish Christian organization dedicated to keeping faith in public life, accused a prominent gay-marriage advocacy group of using taxpayer dollars to drown out voices of opposition.

Rev. David Robertson made the comments concerning the Equality Network, a gay advocacy group leading the charge for the United Kingdom to legalize same-sex marriage. He says that they publically labelsanyone with differing views as "homophobic" or a "bigot."

"The Equality Network have a definition of homophobia which means that anyone who disagrees with their position is homophobic," Robertson told The Christian Institute. "For example, I am not homophobic but am opposed to the redefinition of marriage."

Robertson was referencing the nearly $2 million in taxpayer money the Equality Network has received from the Scottish Government since 2007, according to tax filings, which he says goes to "promote their own views and to suppress any other view."

"The Equality Network has now been given money, not to combat homophobic bullying, but to promote their own views and to suppress any other view," Robertson explained.

The real worry for those who value maintaining the traditional definition is the concern of being punished for upholding their beliefs and being negatively labeled for doing so.

"We do not accept the narrative that you are either a homophobe or support the self-styled Equality Network's position," Robertson said. "The current climate is such that we fear people are being bullied into accepting a position they do not hold, because they are afraid of being labeled homophobic."

Edward Leigh, a former trade minister, had previously addressed the House of Commons during a debate concerning supporters of traditional marriage and was concerned that such legislation could impact the rights of heterosexual couples.

Leigh is also concerned with the treatment of those supporting traditional values, should Prime Minister David Cameron and the British government pass new laws legalizing gay marriage.

During his testimony in the House of Commons, Leigh highlighted the plight of Adrian Smith, a housing manager who had his pay docked after he posted messages on Facebook supporting traditional marriage last year.