Gemma Holmes, English Woman, Gives Birth to Miracle Baby After Waking From Coma Four Months Pregnant

A woman awoke from a coma after a horrific crash to find that she was four months pregnant.

Last September, Gemma Holmes was on her moped in Hilperton, England when she crashed into a parked car. Holmes suffered severe head injuries and a broken back. When she arrived to the hospital doctors did not think the 26-year-old would make it.

About three months after the crash Holmes awoke from the coma and was told she was four months pregnant.

Holmes suffered amnesia as a result of the accident and she could not remember what had happened going back several years including who the father might be. The father was eventually tracked down, but the two have not rekindled their relationship, according to

"I was just in shock," she said of hearing the surprising news.

Doctors advised her that keeping the baby could pose a risk to her health and that the surgery she required to fix her broken back could to be done while she was pregnant. Holmes decided that she would carry pregnancy to term, according to the Wiltshire Times

"I just thought that if this little baby inside me had managed to survive the awful crash, then he was meant to be," she told ITV.

In May, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Rueben Miracle Holmes via cesarean section.

"I couldn't stop crying when they first showed him to me, because he is my little miracle baby. I was just so happy to see him after everything we've been through," she told

Holmes is preparing for surgery that will correct her back and hopefully lean to walk again a about two years.

"Rueben is the best thing to ever happen to me. I may not remember how he came to me but I've got the rest of our lives to make up for that," Holmes told in May.