'General Hospital' Spoilers News: Griffin Considers Leaving Priesthood for Ava; Finn Gets Tired of Anna's Tactics

Friday's episode of "General Hospital" will see what happens following Griffin (Matt Cohen) and Ava's (Maura West) private session in the previous episode. By now, the intensity of events in Thursday's episode has already died down so the lingering issues will finally be addressed.

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Spoilers for the Oct. 13 episode suggest that after making out, Griffin will tell Ava that what they did was a mistake. Ava will also tell Griffin that she will never want him to let go of his priesthood, which he loves so much, only to be with her. Although Griffin's response to Ava's suggestion remains to be seen, there are speculations that he will not agree with what Ava tells her. Instead, he will say to her that if he's incapable of fighting his sexual urges, then it will be clear that his vocation is not for him.

Elsewhere in the episode, Anna (Finola Hughes) will come up with a new plot, which she will tell Finn (Michael Easton) about. However, when she comes up to him to introduce the new strategy that she plans to use against Cassandra (Jessica Tuck), Finn will tell her to stop. Spoilers reveal that Finn will just want to put Anna's craziness to rest because he's already fed up with all her tactics. Also, dealing with his recent loss is already too much for him to bear.

Other spoilers for Friday's episode reveal that Nelle's (Chloe Lanier) frustration will continue to grow as she feels that everything she does causes everyone around her to suspect her. Michael (Chad Duell) will reportedly step up to clear Nelle's name, but Nelle will go up against the idea, telling him that there is no way to convince the others that she's innocent because they will only believe what they want to believe. It can be recalled that in the previous episode, Curtis called up Michael to tell him that he knew something about Nelle, but Michael refused because he knew that Nelle was innocent.

"General Hospital" airs weekdays, 3 p.m. EST on ABC.