Geoffrey Golden Exclusive: BET 'Sunday Best' Season 7 Winner Talks Feeling Inadequate; God Upholding Promise to Singer

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(Photograph: BET Networks)Geoffrey Golden is the season 7 winner of BET "Sunday Best"

Geoffrey Golden once pretended to direct gospel choirs on his television screen, and now he is officially jump starting his gospel music career as the season 7 winner of BET Network's "Sunday Best."

Golden, 20, has not only won the coveted "Sunday Best" winner title, but a cash prize and recording contract with Kirk Franklin's Fo Yo Soul / RCA Record label. The Cleveland, Ohio native told The Christian Post that winning the competition has brought him from a place of expectation to reality.

"I know God told me that there was a thing that he would do in my life and he was going to use me..some of those things that He's placed in me would go out into the world," Golden told The Christian Post. "Now I'm really walking in the promise of the thing that He said He would do. So moving from promise to performance is what I think it (means) to me more than anything."

While "Sunday Best" fans have watched Golden be named in the competition's Top 20 before working his way to the final two week after week, the singer was not confident when entering the competition. When he questioned the show's music director James "Big Jim" Wright about how he could improve, Golden realized his lack of confidence could cost him a position on the show.

"I went in and I felt inadequate. (Big Jim) said, 'you seem like a very nice guy but if you don't boost your confidence, they're going to send you home,'" Golden recalled to CP. "So in that moment I kind of snapped out of that. I figured if God brought me here for a purpose, I'm here because I'm supposed to be here."

Golden comes from a family that is involved with music and ministry. His father serves as a pastor, while his mother is a minister of music at his church where she took over the role from his grandfather.

At the tender age of five years old, a young Golden knew he would be involved with gospel music. He split his time sitting at home watching singer Richard Smallwood videos while pretending to direct the gospel choirs that sang for the Lord on television.

Now that Golden has made his own mark on television screens in the popular gospel music singing competition, he believes he survived each week by relying on his sincerity and determination.

"I think that if there's anything that made me stand out this season I would say that maybe it was sincerity," Golden told The Christian Post. "I think a determination to really come out night after night, come to the stage and just deliver what God had placed in me, what He had assigned me to deliver using the 'Sunday Best' platform."

Now that he has gained a recording contract with famed gospel musician and producer Kirk Franklin's record label, Golden is focused on staying true to his faith.

"I think that there's so much that happens especially when fame comes and all kinds of things," he told CP. "I feel that my personal charge is every time I sing, every time I release an album is that people would see Jesus just a little more clearly. I just hope that people can really see that relationship as I go into the industry."

Golden hopes other people can be encouraged by his testimony, as someone who had to believe in God's promises coming into fruition before seeing it manifest.

"If there's anything people know that God has promised them, promises through his word, prophetic word, prayer, whatever it may be. If there is any promise that God puts your way, once that word is established He is going to do it," Golden insisted when speaking to CP. "We just have to do all that we can to walk in His spirit so we can see the realization of the things that He promised us. We will see those things and we will see His goodness in our lifetime."