George Clooney Never Getting Married; 'Gay' Reports Slammed by Sister

George Clooney's sister recently confirmed that the actor will probably never walk down the aisle, much to the dismay of his predominantly female fan base.

Adelia Zeidler, 52, opened up about her famous brother's perspective on marriage and the mother of two explained that Clooney happily chose to have a successful acting career instead of marriage. She also dismissed ongoing rumors surrounding his sexuality.

"George will ­probably not get married he decided that he could have the career or he could have a family," Zeidler told Us magazine. "He set goals for himself and has worked hard to achieve those goals. He's very happy with his life."

Clooney, who was once named people magazine's "sexiest man alive," often receives both criticism and admiration for being single at age 51. The actor's life choices have previously sparked gay rumors, which Zeidler confirmed are untrue.

"That's quite ridiculous, we don't even listen when people say things like that anymore," she said.

The renowned Hollywood star is currently dating 32-year-old model Stacy Keibler, who recently said that she is comfortable with their relationship as it is and that she does not have marriage or children on her mind.

"That is not on my radar at all I'm definitely the girl who doesn't talk about that kind of stuff," Keibler told E! News.

"I'm not really interested in thinking about marriage or kids at all. [I] live in the moment," she explained, adding, "I'm more of a guy that way."

Clooney has been dating the former WWE pro-wrestler for over a year and on Oct. 3, it was claimed that the actor had grown tired of the relationship. Various sources suggested that Keibler was eager to settle down while Clooney was not, and a representative for the couple blasted the claims.

"A story published by a London tabloid, The Sun, concerning George Clooney and Stacy Keibler is not true," the representative stated. He added that one particular tabloid article was a "total fabrication designed to sell newspapers," GossipCop reported.