George Clooney Pays Restaurant Bill for Stranger in Random Act of Kindness

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(Photo: REUTERS/Luke MacGregor)Actor George Clooney arrives for the British Academy of Film and Arts (BAFTA) awards ceremony at the Royal Opera House in London February 12, 2012.

Hollywood actor George Clooney has paid for a complete stranger's restaurant bill in Berlin, Germany, after apparently deciding to perform a random act of kindness.

The popular actor was dining at a Berlin restaurant with a group of friends, enjoying themselves so much that they reportedly became quite loud. It was reported by some media outlets that he might have thought his group had been a little too loud and disturbed some of the neighboring diners.

According to some reports, just in case their fun had disrupted the evening of a nearby diner, Clooney decided to take care of his bill to say sorry, according to UPI.

The diner who got the free meal spoke to the Bild newspaper to explain about what had happened last Friday evening at the Grill Royal restaurant in Berlin.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous explained that he went to pay for his table's meal when a waiter told him that his $134.66 bill had been already paid for by George Clooney, who had been dining with friends at the table next to them.

However, the diner admitted that he had not been disturbed at all by Clooney and his friends, and later spoke to media about the rumors that the Hollywood actor and his friends had been too loud and were trying to say sorry: "That's not true at all. They behaved in a very cultivated manner. I was stunned."

The diner also admitted that he did not even recognize or realize George Clooney was dining on the table next to them until they had already left the restaurant.

The man has reportedly said that he hoped he would be able to return the act of kindness in the future.

Clooney is currently in Germany filming scenes for the upcoming movie The Monuments Men.

Here is a video documenting another man celebrating his 22nd birthday by carrying out 22 random acts of kindness: