George Huguely Found Guilty of Killing Ex-Girlfriend

Star college athlete George Huguely was convicted Wednesday of second degree murder in the brutal bashing death of his ex-girlfriend Yeardley Love, and sentenced to 26 years behind bars.

A juror, who helped convict the former University of Virginia lacrosse player for the murder, told ABC News that the jury "really believes justice was served."

"We worked hard to come to a fair, just verdict," juror Ian Glomski, a microbiology professor, told ABC News as he left the courtroom. "We had a good team, educated, well-informed people. We all really believe justice was served. Everyone felt good about our decision."

The jury recommended that Huguely be sentenced to 26 years in prison, which included 25 years for the charge of second degree murder, and an extra year for the conviction of grand larceny for stealing Love's computer.

Huguely's formal sentencing is scheduled for April 16. The judge could lessen the jury's recommended sentence, but he cannot increase it.

Love 22, a star University of Virginia lacrosse player, was found dead facedown in a blood soaked pillow, by her roommate on May 3, 2010. Police brought Huguely in for questioning later that day.

Huguely waived his right to silence and said he had gone to Love's apartment that night to talk to her, and his ex-girlfriend was not happy to see him. He said that they argued and wrestled on the floor. He tossed her in bed and then stole her computer. An autopsy revealed Love died of blunt for trauma.

President of the University of Virginia released a statement today expressing the loss Yeardley's family, teammates, sorority sisters and friends feel. "The conclusion of a trial like this may bring a momentary sense of justice or retribution, but our judicial system can never restore to a family what it has lost."