George P. Bush Removes Beyonce From Campaign Video

George P. Bush, nephew of former president George W. Bush and candidate for Texas land commissioner in 2014, recently removed Beyonce Knowles from his campaign video.

Bush's campaign video featured Knowles' 2009 hit single "Halo" earlier this week before it was removed from YouTube in a video that became private on Thursday. Although Bush's campaign website features the same video, Knowles voice is noticeably absent.

Although the 31-year-old singer has had ties with the Obama administration, Bush spokesman Juan Roberto Hernandez said that the singer did not request to be removed
from the Republican politician's campaign.

"We didn't get any calls from Beyoncé or her people," Hernandez told The Texas Tribune.

Bush, the eldest son of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, said his grandmother and former first lady Barbara Bush inspired him to run for land commissioner in the Lone Star State.

"You probably know her as former First Lady Barbara Bush, but to me she's just granny," he said in a campaign video. "The lesson granny taught me? The importance of public service, and I have tried to live up to those values."

If Bush becomes land commissioner in Texas, he will be responsible for state-owned land and mineral rights while potentially putting himself in position to earn a higher statewide office later in his political career. David Dewhurst, the current lieutenant governor of Texas, previously served as land commissioner.

Matt Mackowiak, a Republican consultant in Texas, has gone on record to speak about Bush's bright future in Texas.

"Texas Land Commissioner is a great fit for George P. Bush," Mackowiak said of Bush in a CNN report. "He will likely escape a serious primary, while raising significant money, helping down ballot candidates, growing the Republican Party and building his own statewide organization. His future in Texas is very bright."