George Zimmerman Domestic Violence: Wife Says Dispute Caught on iPad Camera

Police believe George Zimmerman's soon-to-be ex wife may have captured footage of her husband during a domestic dispute on an iPad camera.

The Lake Mary police department took George Zimmerman into custody for a brief period on Monday night following a 911 call placed by his wife, alleging domestic abuse. During the call, Shellie Zimmerman claimed her husband of five years was threatening her and her parents with a gun.

Whether or not charges will be pressed in the case could depend on an iPad belonging to Mrs. Zimmerman. Lake Mary Police Department spokesman Zach Hudson said evidence of the domestic dispute may have been caught on camera, but the iPad was smashed into pieces during the dispute.

"It's been pretty badly damaged," Hudson told The Orlando Sentinel.

Ms. Zimmerman filed for divorce from her husband about a week ago after publicly stating that stress from the Trayvon Martin trial had a negative impact on the couple's relationship. George Zimmerman was acquitted for the murder of Trayvon Martin in July.

Police explained that Ms. Zimmerman has no choice as to whether or not she would like to press charges. That decision will be made by police.

"In Florida when it comes to domestic violence, the person in question doesn't have the right to press charges or not press charges," Hudson said, adding that police investigate and "we either forward charges (to the State Attorney's Office) or make an arrest on scene."

There is currently no evidence to prove that a gun was involved in the dispute, however.

"We searched him ... there was no weapon," Hudson said. "As of right now, a gun is not a part of the equation."

During the 911 call Ms. Zimmerman claimed Zimmerman had the gun in his car. She also states that Zimmerman had punched her father, leaving a mark, before taking the iPad in question out of her hands and smashing it.