George Zimmerman Wants to Box Kanye West?

(Photo: Reuters/Joe Burbank/Pool)George Zimmerman leaves the courtroom a free man after being found not guilty in the 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

George Zimmerman may be interested in boxing rambunctious rap mogul Kanye West for charity.

Zimmerman, 30, has reportedly signed on with celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman to fight for charity. Now, promoters for the match are telling TMZ that Zimmerman is interested in fighting 36-year-old West who he believes attacks "defenseless people."

West reportedly settled with an 18-year-old who heckled his fiance Kim Kardashian which resulted in the rap mogul assaulting the teenage boy, according to TMZ. For that reason and West's countless hostile incidents with the paparazzi, TMZ is reporting that a promoter for Zimmerman's match is saying the latter wants to face off with the rapper in a charity bout.

Zimmerman first came into the spotlight as a Florida neighborhood watchman who fatally shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin which sparked a great deal of public outcry. After he was acquitted of second-degree murder and manslaughter charges last year, a number of people have expressed their disdain for him publicly.

Although many people have deemed Zimmerman a racist, Feldman says the opponent chosen will have nothing to do with race.

"We're not looking at it as a race thing ... We haven't discussed purple, yellow, white, black," Feldman said according to TMZ.

If West is not interested in the match, rapper Jayceon "The Game" Taylor said he is interested in stepping up to the plate to fight Zimmerman for charity. Taylor has been vocal about being impacted by Martin's death, and even tattooed the slain teenager on his leg.

"I would not be boxing for me. I'd be boxing for the legacy of Trayvon Martin and for his family," the rapper told TMZ. "I would box him to knock him out. I would definitely take pleasure in it. It's legal, and I want to show him you can solve your disputes without a weapon."