Germans Reach World Cup Final After Handing Crushing 7-1 Defeat to Brazil in World Cup; 5 Goals Scored in 29 Minutes

(Photo: REUTERS/EDDIE KEOGH)Brazil players react after the 2014 World Cup semi-finals between Brazil and Germany at the Mineirao stadium in Belo Horizonte July 8, 2014.

The Germans were relentless and merciless in their crushing 7-1 defeat of Brazil in their World Cup semi-final match, which left fans in the host country shell-shocked and in tears after witnessing the most stunning defeat the country has ever been dealt in 94 years of Brazilian soccer.

"Huge boos from the crowd as they jeered Brazil off the field - with the majority of the team collapsing in tears of embarrassment and humiliation at the final whistle," noted the Daily Mail's Dan Ripley.

"Germany cruise into the final of the World Cup with one of the most devastating victories I have ever seen. Make no mistake though, this game will be remembered more for Brazil's total capitulation rather than Germany's stunning performance," he added.


And Brazil capitulated quite quickly. Germany scored five goals in the first 29 minutes of the first half and four of them came during a six-minute spell. It happened so quickly some fans wondered if they were watching replays.
"I just wanted to make my people happy... To see Brazilians happy because of soccer at least," said Brazilian player David Luiz, crying at the end of the match.


"No one could have guessed the tears would come before halftime. No one could have imagined there would be flags burning in the streets before dinner. Certainly no one could have envisioned that Brazilian fans, watching their team play in a semifinal, would ever consider leaving the stadium long before the end of the game," wrote Sam Borden in the New York Times after the match.

"It all happened. The 2014 World Cup, first plagued by questions about financing and protests and infrastructure and construction, then buoyed by scads of goals and dramatic finishes and a contagious spirit of exuberance and joy from the locals, will ultimately be remembered for this: the home team, on the precipice of glory, being throttled like an overmatched junior varsity squad who somehow stumbled into the wrong game," said Borden.

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