Ghost in Top Hat on iPad? Teen Snaps Startling Photo

Critics Call 'Fake' on Ghost Image

A ghost in a top hat on an iPad has excited some fans of the paranormal, who believe Charlotte Wearing, 16, managed to snap a picture of the apparition on her tablet. The teenager was taking a picture of a wood pigeon in her backyard when she discovered the photo.

The ghost in a top hat on the iPad isn't the first time Charlotte had seen this particular specter, according to her mother Gillian. The family had been visited by the ghost- nicknamed Jack- at their home in Ward Green Barnsley, U.K., for the past four years, they said.

"When [Charlotte] came down the stairs, her face was white and she was tapping the iPad because she'd got Jack," Gillian told The Sun. Her daughter had used the iPad's 5-megapixel camera to snap a picture in the garden, which revealed what looks like a spirit in attire from centuries ago: "Jack" had on a top hat, overcoat, and what could be a tie and dress shirt.

Jack isn't the only ghost Charlotte has seen. The 16-year-old also claimed that she saw a woman in a blue dress and shawl holding a baby in her parent's room last year. Now, Gillian thinks Jack could be a lost father searching for his family.

"I feel so sorry for him because I think he's looking for his wife and child," Gillian explained. "I think he should just move on but I'd love to know who he was and why he's here."

Charlotte, however, would rather not have seen any ghosts at all.

"I don't like it … I just don't like it," she said.

Some were skeptical of the apparition's appearance; for them, a ghost on an iPad seems a little too convenient.

"Why would anyone WANT to take a blurry picture of a nondescript bit of their garden? I mean, a bit of grass and hedge- not exactly what a NORMAL person would photograph with their ipad is it?" wrote Penelope on the Daily Mail blog.

Several users also pointed out that "Jack" bears a startling resemblance to a ghost on the Apple app Ghost Capture. Users can superimpose a "ghost" image on any picture and change the transparency as well.

"Hang on, this is an iPhone/IPad app! … It's called Ghost Capture and one of the ghosts you can superimpose on to your pictures is a man in a top hat and tails - exactly the same as the one in this article!" posted Sarah.

"Sorry but I'm sure that's fake," agreed stallion1 on The Sun blog. "It's an iPad and there is an app for everything. Ghost capture it's called. I had it and the same man was one of the ghosts on it. Nice try."