Girl Barred Photos for Hairstyle: Did School Overreact? (PHOTO)

Four-year-old Marcella Marino has been banned from being included in school pictures after officials rejected her hair style, which had been placed in the shape of a bow by her father. Her story has sparked international outrage, and many are accusing the school of overreacting.

"All the children were told to look smart for the day, and that's why I decided to make a special effort, but in the end it just caused tears," Marcella's dad Marcello told the Daily Mail. "I am so disappointed."

Marcello owns his own salon in Kent, England and wanted to make her look "like a princess" for the school photo. "Marcella asked me if I could do her hair like a princess for the school photo and I came up with a simple but elegant style, using her hair to make a bow."

"I thought it looked wonderful and Marcella loved it, but when she went for the school photo she was told she wasn't allowed to wear her hair in that style because of the dress code," Marcello explained.

The school told The Daily Mail that any ribbons must be "made of dark colors" and that braids are "not allowed." Yet Marcello countered that his daughter's hair wasn't a braid but "is quite simply a knot in the shape of a bow."

Reaction to Marcella's story has been mixed, with some supporting the school and others voicing their support for the little girl.

"It's hair, not a bomb," noted Daily Mail user Laughing at the World.

"I'm all for teaching kids to follow rules and accept authority, but this didn't break any rules-it's clearly not a braid, it doesn't have inappropriate bands (though why they're fussy about color is beyond me) and it's perfectly practical in that it's out of her eyes and won't be all over the place" added HG.